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CMG’s are some of the earth’s most exquisite natural treasures. People all over the world have appreciated them throughout history for different reasons, be it Ornamental, Religious or Healing properties

Follow our blog as we explore the culture/history/metaphysical of CMGs


Natural Crystals

Our collection features a diverse range of crystals sourced from around the world, renowned for their unique colors, formations, and energetic properties. Explore a curated selection of exquisite crystals, each one a testament to the Earth's geological artistry and metaphysical allure.

Discover the natural beauty and serene elegance of our Aragonite specimen, a captivating addition to any mineral collection or decorative display. Renowned for its intricate crystalline structure and soft, pearlescent white color, each piece of White Aragonite is a unique testament to the wonders of nature.  White Aragonite specimen, stunning sparkling piece.


Mineral Specimens

Discover minerals that span the spectrum with our dazzling showcase of nature's geological wonders, meticulously curated to captivate both the seasoned collector and the curious enthusiast. Explore a world of vibrant colors, intricate crystal formations, and geological diversity that spans continents and millennia.


Rings and Gemstones

Explore our exquisite Rings and Gemstone Collection, where every piece tells a story of timeless beauty. Featuring a dazzling array of rare gemstones, and jewelry from classic solitaires to intricate vintage designs; curated to complement every facet of your personal style. 


Ammonite Fossil Specimen with 3 visable  Ammonites


Fossils and rock layers

Unlock the Secrets of the Earth's past with our collection of fossils and rock layers where the ancient world comes to life through a curated selection of prehistoric treasures. Delve into the wonders of natural history with fossils that offer a glimpse into the distant past, capturing moments from millions of years ago in stunning detail.


Relics from the past...

Unearth the fascinating artifacts of the past including glass, coins, and many other lost treasures where history meets intrigue in a curated assortment of rare and remarkable artifacts from civilizations past. Each piece in our collection tells a unique story, offering a glimpse into ancient cultures and civilizations that have shaped the world we know today.

  • Do you accept Returns?

    The Soul Gem Vault offers:
    Domestic United States sales: 7 day inspection period. If not happy with purchase, return unaltered material for a full refund minus shipping cost.

    International sales: 10 day inspection period. If not happy with purchase, return unaltered material for a full refund minus shipping cost.

  • How do you ensure Ethical CMG's?

    By being an ethical company, this means supporting the people and cultures where we find them. our goal is to treat the culture with dignity and respect as we work to make all of our lives better.
    This may mean limits in the collection as we be selective on who we support and ensuring authenticity in the process.

  • What is a Full Moon Sale?

    A full moon sale, is a random (coupon) storewide each month, only available at the exact start of the full moon and ends 24 hours after. Offers can include free shipping storewide, 2-10 dollars off purchase, or a free gift.

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